Abstract Characters

Project Insights

Great minds think alike. They also watch Big Bang Theory and appreciate the quirky humor of Family Guy.

For this project, tbs asked us to art direct and animate a couple of show promos for the aforementioned  light-hearted and well-loved comedy series. The objective was to breathe new life into these well known syndicated shows’ promos rather than simply editing footage together per usual. Since these characters are so established, we took the opportunity to abstract them.

We looked for inspiration in some of our favorite art movements: Surrealism, Cubism, and Pop-Art. We put those ideas in a blender and created a series of unexpected pieces for our friends at tbs.

After a few round of boards (featured below) we landed on two distinct styles to represent and differentiate the shows.

tbs gave us some audio selects and told us to do what we do best. Keep it simple concise and fun.

Broadcast Toolkit


We put a lot into our creative process. Many ideas don’t make the cut but we still love them. At times we laughed, at times we cried (only because we laughed so hard while working on this project) and ultimately had a number of boards to share and show you what goes on behind the scenes.