Snoop Dogg Presents the

Joker’s Wild

Project Insights

Today’s version of Joker’s Wild is similar in terms of the show strategy. But with the introduction of Snoop Dogg, the format of the show and its character has shifted away from its 1970’s original. Snoop brings passion and wit to this game show with a laid-back vibe to the casino-inspired craziness.

The host, the pace of the show, and of course winning, entices gamers taking part in the show as well as gamers watching at home.  We created a show package which will speak to the new generation of viewers.

Some of our favorites from the 1970s are platform shoes, lava lamps, and…Joker’s Wild! While we can’t physically go back in time we CAN enjoy versions of all of the above today. Our friends at TBS rebooted the Joker’s Wild game show and hired longtime fan Snoop D-O- double G to run the fun.

New features include giant dice, playing cards, streetwise questions, problem-solving and of course, our fabulous graphics.

We think we should maybe play around. See you by the slots, Snoop!

Broadcast Toolkit


Our team went to work doing research to better understand the show’s beginnings. We uncovered a treasure trove of casino inspired graphics and used that as a basis for creating our visuals. After our discovery session we were able to: understand game show history, define the style and approach we need to use to market the show today, and create an updated show package which will appear to new viewers.