Stranger Things: Another Creative Mammals Obsession

Project Insights

Netflix’s hugely successful series “Stranger Things” has gone viral. The show gained a following for its take on 80’s pop culture and, of course, its amazing cast.

The show has gotten a lot of buzz, and reviews have been impressively positive. People have really taken to it. We were elated when we saw this seemingly timid show take an audience by storm. So we wanted to create an homage to celebrate Stranger Things, science fiction, and all things we miss about the 80’s. Thus, our interpretation of the first season was born.

Our piece gained more than 13,000 views in less than two weeks. We are so proud to have created something that we can share within our community and beyond.

Now that we have finished our passion project we are definitely ready for season two of the show. Who’s ready to get Stranger with us?



Mainly working between projects, our amazing and dedicated team labored over each illustration and visual flow of this 45-second adventure. We chose a minimal color palette to echo the thrilling twists and turns of the drama. The inspiration we get from going back and looking at the creative genius and works of Saul Bass lurks behind the illustration style chosen for this promo.