Project Insights

By the end of 2016, our friends at Turner’s TBS had a successful year showcasing their hit series Angie Tribeca, The Detour, Wrecked, People of Earth and Search Party. To celebrate they capped it off with week-long binge of the network’s original comedies. Each show gained tremendous praise from critics and ranked among cable’s Top 25 new scripted comedy series of 2016. All five shows have been renewed for new seasons in 2017. Awesome, right?

The real challenge was to create a way to package all five shows into a nice little box called Binge-A-Thon and make the visuals fit the TBS brand while highlighting individual shows. Everything had to flow in unison like a 90’s boy band. Or…well…you get the idea.

We worked to brand the celebratory end-of-year event. We developed a unique color palette and chose a cohesive typeface both of which were used as binding elements to create a graphics package. We then had a fun graphics promo which appealed to existing TBS show viewers. Annnd… we got awarded with a ProMax BDA trophy. Aren’t you just so proud of us?

Broadcast Toolkit


All of us at the studio fit the target demographics for the shows. And all of us had watched episodes of Angie Tribeca, The Detour, Wrecked, People of Earth and Search Party series. We laughed, a lot. Basically, we were very familiar with the content. Check.

We didn’t waste time and got to work researching typography options, ideating different visuals, looking into different treatments.  In the end, the solution was clear and rather simple.