Full Frontal with Samantha Bee


Season Toolkit


Given the current political climate, late-night hosts have never been so biting and forward. That’s why we were thrilled to take on the promo package for the one host who takes the cake on it all. Sam Bee’s perfect blend of intellectual ‘tude and charisma made this project especially rewarding.

We made sure to keep professionalism and humor as the driving themes as we crafted our designs. Clean text and a bold contrast between bright and neutral colors gave the layout the right amount of pop making you think “This Samantha Bee character must be in showbiz.” We also created a user-friendly toolkit and style guide to help the internal team’s workflow move as efficiently as possible.


Broadcast Toolkit


Our task was to take some ideas that were kicking around at tbs and to elevate and transform those concepts into a full-fledged toolkit for the new season of Full Frontal. We created a set of dynamic animations and transitions to keep this season fresh and punchy.


Digital Toolkit


The digital kit varied slightly but maintained a cohesive look to keep all related marketing within the same visual story. We included additional elements and vignettes to cut away to video content which streamlined the overall creative.