Look up! Season 3 of the popular tbs comedy, Wrecked is crash-landing in living rooms everywhere. A tropical theme was an obvious choice for a show set on an island but we also needed to introduce a new element that would echo the twist in the show’s plot line. We selected a dark color palette which added some mystery and chose an over-the-top, embellished type treatment to mirror the show’s illustrious quirk.

Our team also created a sweepstakes promotional tie-in with our friends with wings over at Delta!


Broadcast Toolkit


If you are still reading, good for you. This is where we break things down and take you behind the scenes. Fun, right?

Our original brief asked for something surveillance inspired. The newest season of Wrecked has a lot of references to rich billionaires hunting people for fun on an abandoned island. All done in a kind and lighthearted sort of way, of course. Unbeknownst to the hunted, their every move is being recorded for our amusement. Again, what fun!




Part of our job as a creative crew is to go on a journey with our client to figure out and solve creative problems. The final graphics package looked nothing like the initial ideas we pitched but that’s the beauty of what we do. The resulting toolkit includes 3D rendered, gold, dimensional typography and stylized palm trees. Tropics, darkness, bling. What can we say, the shoe fits and talks like a duck.